Roderick Guthrie Graduate Scholarship 2024 at York University of Canada: Apply Now!

Roderick Guthrie Graduate Scholarship 2024 at York University of Canada: Apply Now!

Roderick Guthrie Graduate Scholarship 2024 at York University of Canada: Apply Now!

About the Roderick Guthrie Graduate Scholarship

The Roderick Guthrie Graduate Scholarship stands as a prestigious honor bestowed upon promising new or current full-time graduate students enrolled at York University’s esteemed Lassonde School of Engineering, located in Canada. Established to recognize and support exceptional academic talent, this program serves as a testament to the institution’s commitment to fostering excellence in engineering education and research. Aspiring engineers who demonstrate outstanding potential and dedication to their field are encouraged to pursue this coveted opportunity for financial assistance and academic recognition.

Candidates vying for the Roderick Guthrie Graduate Scholarship must meet specific eligibility criteria tailored to ensure alignment with the scholarship’s focus areas. This includes incoming or continuing full-time graduate students enrolled in either Master’s or PhD programs within the Lassonde School of Engineering. 

Moreover, applicants must demonstrate a clear research interest or specialization in fields such as Process Engineering Metallurgy and/or related Environmental/Energy Issues. This targeted focus ensures that recipients are actively engaged in areas of study critical to addressing contemporary challenges in engineering and environmental sustainability, reflecting the scholarship’s overarching mission to support innovative research endeavors with real-world impact.

To apply for the Roderick Guthrie Graduate program, interested candidates are required to adhere to a structured application process designed to facilitate fair and transparent selection procedures. Detailed instructions and guidelines for application submission are provided below, outlining essential documentation requirements and deadlines. 

Applicants will be tasked with preparing comprehensive application packages that showcase their academic achievements, research interests, and alignment with the scholarship’s thematic focus. Through a rigorous evaluation process conducted by a panel of esteemed faculty members and scholarship adjudicators, deserving candidates will be identified and selected for this esteemed honor.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Incoming or continuing full-time graduate (masters or doctoral) students;
  • Areas of study/research must be related to Process Engineering Metallurgy and/or related Environmental/Energy Issues;
  • Minimum grade point average of ‘A’;
  • In case of incoming students: must have participated in engineering activities related to their study;
  • In case of current students: must demonstrate a high level of research and academic performance through their participation in teaching, presentations (conferences/seminars), or publishing of research papers.

Selection Criteria

The Lassonde School of Engineering adjudication committee responsible for awards will carefully evaluate applications and select a deserving recipient by July 30, with disbursement scheduled for the subsequent Fall term of the academic year.

Upon selection, the Lassonde Awards Committee will promptly notify the successful candidate. Subsequently, the Manager of Graduate Studies will relay relevant information to the Scholarships & Awards Coordinator at FGS, facilitating the posting of funds to the student’s account.

How to Apply for the Roderick Guthrie Graduate Scholarship

Individuals who are interested in applying for this scholarship are encouraged to utilize the provided link, which directs them to our online application system.

To access the application system, applicants must first register by creating an account. Once registered, applicants can proceed to construct their application, utilizing the system’s features to save their progress and revisit the application at their convenience.

The application should include the following documents:

  • A statement of research
  • A comprehensive CV
  • Academic transcripts (obtained from admissions or student files; assistance is available from the Graduate Program Assistant if needed)

For graduate programs, potential candidates may be identified and requested to submit an online application. It’s essential to note that the application deadline is July 30, 2024.

For further inquiries or assistance, please contact:

Lassonde School of Engineering

Almey Tse Soriano

Manager, Graduate Studies


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