Robert And Christine Danziger Scholarships 2024

Robert And Christine Danziger Scholarships 2024 at Heidelberg University, Germany

Robert And Christine Danziger Scholarships 2024

About the Robert And Christine Danziger Scholarships 2024

Applications are now open for the Robert and Christine Danziger Scholarships 2024 at Heidelberg University, Germany. The Robert and Christine Danziger Scholarship is a prestigious award aimed at recognizing and supporting exceptionally talented doctoral students from Africa, with a primary focus on candidates from Ghana and other countries in West and Central Africa. The scholarship is specifically intended to provide financial assistance to students pursuing a doctorate at Heidelberg University in the fields of Geoinformatics, Political Science, and related disciplines.

The scholarship is a testament to the enduring friendship and collaboration between the Danziger family and Ghana, as well as their growing connections to other regions in West and Central Africa. It reflects their commitment to fostering academic excellence and providing opportunities for promising young individuals from African countries to pursue advanced studies at Heidelberg University.

In the words of Christine and Robert Danziger, the scholarship aims to empower talented individuals from African nations by facilitating their enrollment in Master’s or doctoral programs at Heidelberg University. This support is particularly crucial for those facing financial constraints, as it can have a significant impact on their academic journey. The Danzigers are especially keen on supporting programs of study in the fields of Geography, Political science, and sociology, underscoring the importance of these disciplines in their philanthropic endeavours.

Eligibility Criteria 

The Robert and Christina Danziger Scholarship is available for applicants if

  • You are an exceptionally talented student from Africa (mainly from Ghana or another West and Central African nation), you have excelled academically, and you intend to apply to Heidelberg University’s Master’s program in one of the following fields:
    1. Geography, concentrating on Geoinformatics
    2. Political Science
  • You intend to move to Heidelberg University, Germany, to pursue a doctorate on-site, or you currently reside there because you are enrolled in a language course to obtain the necessary language proficiency.
  • You require assistance paying for your doctorate.

Duration of the Robert And Christine Danziger Scholarships 2024

The award period is generally 2 semesters. An extension is possible on request if all requirements are met (academic performance, financial hardship, availability of funds) for a maximum period of 2 semesters.

How to Apply for Robert And Christine Danziger Scholarships 2024

Your application documents are to be sent via email to During the application period, please make sure to submit the following application documents:

  • Signed application form
  • Current performance records: university diploma that qualifies for a doctorate (original certificate) includes the final grade as well as an official translation in German or English and, if available, an official conversion of the diploma to the German grading system.
    Suppose your university diploma is not available by the end of the application period. In that case, it is sufficient to submit a provisional certificate from the university confirming your academic performance, so far (ideally with a grade of all examinations, so far), that states that you expect to complete your course of study by the start of the semester following the application period. Please note that you have to submit your missing certificate by the start of the lecture period.
  • Confirmation of acceptance of the doctorate (ps: currently, Prof. Zipf or Prof. Höfle can accept PhD students in Geoinformatics at Heidelberg University)
  • Curriculum vitae in table form
  • Letter of motivation concerning the topic of the doctorate
  • A recommendation letter from a university instructor in the specific field
  • Proof of citizenship
  • Self-disclosure of revenue and expenditure (part of the application form)
  • Evidence confirming the financial situation (pay slip of the parents, own wage slips, etc.)

Before applying, it is crucial to review all of the requirements listed on the official announcement webpage (see the link below). Bear in mind that the deadline for applications is August 31, 2024, and late applications will not be considered. Click the link below to apply now.

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