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Obama Foundation Global Leaders Program 2023



 The Obama Foundation Leaders program will be run from February 1 to July 15, 2023. 

How to take your due place- President Barrack. 



 The coursework of the Obama Foundation Leaders Program was developed in 2018 and runs over six months. It focuses on allowing great people to lead, inspire, and center positive change in their areas, and the world at large. In addition, Foundation Leaders operate three different programs in three regions worldwide Africa, Asia Pacific, and Europe 


 To date, the program has erected a network of further than 700 leaders, hailing from further than 100 nations and homes around the world. 


 President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have brought together a different range of leaders with a commitment to values-grounded leadership. These leaders work across colorful sectors and issue areas and are brought together by a commitment to the heritage of President and Mrs. Obama. This approach has helped to produce an effective platoon that’s concentrated on creating positive change. 

The Obama Leaders program will bring together 35 arising leaders from across each region. They will take part in sessions that concentrate on issues similar to the invention, diversity, and profitable growth that correspond of :  


  •   Practical tools and training for adding interpersonal and emotional intelligence are featured in growing values-grounded leadership capacities. 
  •  Small-person coaching or one-on-one training. 
  • Social Groups 
  •  Expert exchanges with study leaders 
  •  Deep reflection space with interpersonal literacy supports with friends.


The Obama Foundation Global Leaders 2023 Operation: What’s Next?


Each indigenous program will meet nearly over Zoom four times per month, engaging with coaches, subject matter experts, and their peers to consolidate their leadership practice. This ensures that leaders in each region have to learn from the stylish practices and partake their knowledge with the rest of the association. 


 Each session for current members of the original community will be roughly 2 hours long. Also, each indigenous event intends to give an in-person meeting at over with public health, safety, and security, permitting both community members and appraisers to negotiate further community- structure, literacy, and sharing. 


The Obama Leaders program is an excellent occasion for those interested in politics and policy to gain the chops and knowledge necessary to become unborn leaders in their field. The program offers a wealth of coffers and openings, and leaders will leave with a strong network of fellow change-makers. Those interested in learning further should visit the Obama Foundation website or contact program staff for further information. 


 2023 Obama Foundation Global Leaders Conditions.


  • We’re looking to invite the coming cohort of 35 actors per region into Leaders programs. We’re agitated that you plan to apply! Before you get started, please review the guidelines below. Should you have fresh questions, you can relate to our FAQ runner. 


  •  We anticipate that this operation will take a minimum of one hour to complete, depending on your pace. Please plan consequently and leave yourself plenitude of time. 


  • When applying for an opportunity, it’s important to submit your applications as soon as possible. This will help to avoid deficient operations and ensure that you’re considered. It’s also salutary to make sure your submitted details are over-to-date so that you avert losing out on any openings. 

The Obama Global Leadership Foundation is no exception to that cause.


  •  The 2023 Leaders selection process will take place from October 2022 through December 2022. Finalists may be invited for online interviews in late November or early December 2022. Those who aren’t named for interviews will be notified and are still eligible to be named for other Obama Foundation leadership development openings. 


  •  A streamlined English resumé is a great way to show that you have some exceptional rates. It should list all of your current jobs, as well as any that you have held in the once two times. You can also punctuate any rates that would make you a good fit for this occasion. 


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How will I access the program?

The 2023 Leaders virtual program will be carried out online, as long as you have access to a computer and a reliable web connection. We can deal with specialized specifications within reason as part of the program. Finalists will be notified once the Leaders program is blazoned for appointee identification


We at the Obama Leadership Program believe that diversity is important for all of our leaders.


Goals and Mission of the Obama Global Leaders Foundation Program.

We strive to be a different body through our selection practices, social media posts, and other opinions we make. We believe that everyone has the implicit to be great, and we are committed to making sure that each leader achieves their full eventuality. 


 In conclusion, we’re committed to retaining an inclusive and different cohort that will be suitable to thrive in our associations and contribute to the success of our platoon. 

 We believe that this will give our members a stylish chance to learn and grow. 

The Obama Global Leadership Program is accessible to and offers a variety of options for leaders with disabilities. The operation process and experience are also grueling but rewarding. However, we prompt you to apply, if you’re interested in getting a part of the Obama Global Leaders community. 



 It’s important to determine if you may need a lodgment before applying. communicate with us at to get started!

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