North American University 2024/2025 Scholarships USA

North American University 2024/2025 Scholarships USA: Apply Now!

North American University 2024/2025 Scholarships USA

Introduction to the North American University 2024-2025 Scholarships

North American University is excited to announce that it has opened applications for its 2024–2025 scholarships. International students who are interested in studying in the United States can now start submitting their applications. The scholarships are open to both undergraduate and graduate students from diverse fields of study.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to pursue your education in a city that’s renowned for its abundance of opportunities, then Houston, TX, is the place to be. North American University is located in this vibrant city, providing students with access to a wide range of career-enhancing opportunities.

At North American University, students receive personalized attention, which makes it easy to achieve academic success. They also have numerous options for social engagement, which makes their experience at the university more enjoyable. Whether you’re an undergraduate or postgraduate student, you can apply for this scholarship opportunity and pursue your academic goals at North American University for the 2024–2025 academic session. 

Benefits of the North American University 2024-2025 Scholarships

International and domestic students are eligible to apply for the North American University 2024–2025 Scholarship Program.

  • Scholarships for Domestic Students: For domestic students, there are different tiers of scholarships available. These range from the Foundation Scholarship valued at $3,000 to the NAU Scholarship worth $8,000. Eligibility criteria are based on GPA and SAT/ACT scores, with renewal requirements ranging from maintaining a CGPA of 2.25 to 3.75.
  • Scholarships for International Students: Academic merit scholarships are also available to international students, with larger funding provided to assist with their academic pursuits. The value of the scholarships ranges from $12,000 for the Foundation Scholarship to $22,000 for the NAU Scholarship. Further financial aid options include Academic Excellence Awards and Exceptional Merit Scholarships (EMS), which are determined by academic achievement, leadership experiences, and community service.

Eligibility Criteria for the North American University 2024-2025 Scholarships 

Prospective candidates who are interested in applying for admission to the university must ensure that they meet the following set of requirements:. Firstly, applicants must fulfill all the necessary criteria for regular admission in either the fall or spring semesters. 

It is essential to note that meeting the university’s requirements does not guarantee admission to the program of your choice. Additionally, while scholarships may cover tuition and fees, students are responsible for other expenses such as admission, housing applications, and enrollment confirmation fees. Therefore, it is advisable to carefully review the university’s admission and financial aid policies before submitting an application.

How to Apply

If you’re interested in applying for the North American University 2024-2025 Scholarship Program, it’s crucial to take note of the following deadlines:

Fall 2024: July 15, 2024

Spring 2025: December 16, 2024

To increase your chances of getting accepted, you must complete the application process as early as possible. This means submitting all the necessary documents, such as your SAT/ACT scores, high school transcripts, and any previous college transcripts, within the stipulated deadlines.

Whether you’re a prospective student or a parent helping your child with their college applications, be sure to keep these deadlines in mind and plan accordingly. The earlier you submit your application, the better your chances are of securing a scholarship and achieving your academic goals. 

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