20221023 183929 - Netherlands Visa Sponsored Jobs To Live and Work in Netherlands, How To Apply

Netherlands Visa Sponsored Jobs To Live and Work in Netherlands, How To Apply

Are you in search of visa sponsorship jobs, Netherlands is another country that foreigners wishing to migrate can find Visa Sponsored Jobs. On this post we have outlined how any interested job seeker from any where in the work can find and apply for visa sponsorship Jobs in Netherlands.


This information is a complete guide to find Jobs that can take you from your country to Netherlands fully Sponsorsed by your employer


There a lot of companies in the Netherlands that are now sponsoring visas and Relocation for international job seekers. However, there’s no congrated portal that anyone can access for the listed jobs, we rather discussed in details how job seekers can find this jobs


Here you also see some of the List of companies offering Visa Sponsorship Jobs in the Netherlands


This companies are approved by the Netherlands Government to hire skilled workers outside of Netherlands and by that successfully hire job seekers are offered Employment letters and notes that would help their Visa Application


Once applicants visa application is Completed after Employment is completed, process for relocation will start, this including; plane ticket, accomodation upon arrival, feeding for a period of time and ectera.


Benefits/ Good things about living and Working in Netherlands


Great salary package; employees in Netherlands are paid a very great salary commiserate with their services


Excellent Environmental; Netherlands is known for it’s good Environment, very accommodating to foreigners who are just coming to the country for the first time.


Security; Netherlands is the number most peaceful country in the world, it has in place a very good security for lifes and properties


Travel allowance; Workers in Netherlands are entitled to travel allowances


Open and beautiful culture; As a foreigner you will enjoy the life, the culture in Netherland


Visa sponsorship; upon successfully hired employer will provide visa and relocation sponsorship to the employee.


List of Companies in the Netherlands with Visa Sponsorship


Here are some of the list of companies in Netherlands that you will see offering Visa sponsorship jobs to foreigner who are skilled and wish to live and work in Netherlands


1 Orange Quarter

There are currently there more than 400 jobs available for foreign job seekers willing to migrate to Netherlands that is being offered by Orange Quarter. Orange Quarter is Working in a specific area of tech, this means that applicants should be the ones that are finding job opportunities in tech

To find there Visa Sponsored Jobs for this company, visa their career page and search through their listed visa sponsorship jobs on their portal

Visit here to apply


2 Stafide

They are looking for so many applicants at the moment. Almost all the Jobs that are listed on Stafide said they are willing to provide Visa Sponsorship. At the moment 196 Jobs are available.

Visit here to apply

3 MSD Netherlands

MSD Netherlands is another company that is also looking to hire foreign job seekers to live and work in Netherlands. And they have Visa Sponsorship Jobs in their career portal.

Visit here to apply

4 Optiver

Optiver is a tech-driven trading firm and leading global market maker. As one of the oldest market-making institutions. They offer Visa sponsorship jobs and relocation support. As well as offering competitive relocation packages

Visit here to apply


Other companies to visit for their Visa Sponsored Jobs are

P&G Netherlands

KPMG Netherlands

Unilever Netherlands

In addition; See here to find Visa Sponsored Jobs.

If you could not find what you are looking for, which is a visa sponsorship Jobs above there is another better means to find Visa Sponsored Jobs in Netherlands


To start, you have to login to your linkedin using the desktop computer or desktop mode on your smartphone, you may not be able to find this opportunity on LinkedIn blue app.


Second thing you will do is to click on the the job section on your screen, then choose location, and your your location should be Netherlands aftert choosing Netherlands, type the phrase” Visa Sponsorship jobs in the search bar on your screen. View the list of jobs with Visa Sponsorship as they are displayed. After that click on the particular job that meet your interest, read the details carefully and if it’s visa sponsorship job then apply

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  1. My name is Afroza Yasmin from Bangladesh, I am an Ultrasound Technician and have more than 10 years of multitasking experience and I completed Master’s in Sociology as well.

    During my working time I achieved some rewards and promotion for my ingenious performance. I always overrate my work first and try to solve any problem that comes my way as well. Therefore I believe this experience including my patience, mindfulness and detail oriented flexibility can show me a new successful platform. In one I am fit to work in any weather.

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    Me, Mustafizur Rahman from Bangladesh. Working with Viyellatex Group (RMG sector), as an Assistant Manager in Commercial-Shipping-Logistics Department with 18 years experience. Is there any opportunity for me?

  3. My name is DDEMBE GRANT, a 22 year old Ugandan who dreams to live, study and work in the Netherlands. I see this as my way through based on the opportunities on this platform. I’m eager to learning new things and also skilled in communication with different people. Ik spreek een beetje Nederlands. It won’t be much problem to catch up.

  4. Abebe Tassew berhe

    May name is Abebe,I am working more than 20 years in WASH and HIV at community and institutional levels would have pleas jobs much with my work experience

  5. My name is Shedrach From Nigeria currently in Bahrain, I am an Assistant Language teacher and have more than three years of experience and am also a Bachelor’s degree holder.

    Please could let me know if I am eligible for these tremendous resources.

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  6. I’m chinedu okorie from Nigeria I’m looking for bricklayer job , logistics work, glass work or aluminum work,I have 7 to 8 years experience in building construction work Nigeria, Ghana and Qatar, bricklayer 6 to 7 years,1yr in logistics work in Qatar, glass work 6months in Qatar,and aluminum 4months in Qatar , I’m humble, trust in work and fit to work in any weather

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