20221020 125043 - Australia Visa Sponsorsed Jobs (Live and Work in Australia)

Australia Visa Sponsorsed Jobs (Live and Work in Australia)

There are a lot of Opportunities in Australia, good Environment, good people, beautiful culture and more that attracts people of every works of life, of all corners of the world to Australia. Apart from the so much Benefits for workers in Australia, Living in Australia can a dream come through for some persons. Moving to Australia can work through the Austria Visa Sponsored jobs.


You can now apply for the Australia Visa Sponsored Jobs as Australia is currently facing shortage of human labours. Living and Working in Australia can afford you an opportunity to study in Australia.


There are thousands of Visa Sponsored Jobs in Australia open to foreign job seekers.


When you finish your application and successful then the Companies and Employers in Australia will provide Visa and Relocation Sponsorship to the successfu International applicants. Successful applicants will be be giving invite and employent letter which they will present the Austrian Embassy in their countries.


Upon securing their Visas, accomodation and transportation arrangements will be made for the successfu applicants


Before starting your application for the Austria Visa Sponsored Jobs, Make sure you have drafted a professional and impressive curriculum vitae (CV)


How to Find a Jobs in Australia With Visa Sponsorship


The process to find Visa Sponsored Jobs in Australia, and other countries. The outline here will put on the right track to finding visa sponsorship jobs in other countries of your choice if you by one reason or the other you are not interested in living and working in Australia.


For the Austrian Visa Sponsored Jobs, interested Job seekers will have to apply on the Australian Government job portal below


The Workforce Australia is the official Government of Australia job website for job seekers in Australia

There are more than 290,595 jobs posted on Workforce Australia.


Salary and Benefits of working in Australia


Apart from the a better salary payment, workers enjoy work friendly environment, insurance, Bonuses, leave and other allowances.


The Austrian workers Salary Starts from $40,000 to $100,000 in Australian dollars. There are full time positions for Visa Sponsored Jobs.


Before you start your application make sure that you fit to apply for the selected job and that you have the necessary skills required


How to Find a Job on the Workforce Australia Website


Application process outlined below;


1 Visit the Austria Workforce here 

2. On the search bar, type the word ‘Visa Sponsorship’

3. View the list of available Visa Sponsored Jobs

4. Click on your choice of job

5. Read the requirements

6. If you are qualified according to the requirements, you then send in your application

7. If you are not qualified for that particular job, you may have to choose another job

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46 thoughts on “Australia Visa Sponsorsed Jobs (Live and Work in Australia)”

  1. Im Auto Electrician Technician Underground mining and very interested to work in Australia. I have experience to work on surface open cut mining as well. Please consider my interest.

  2. Im much interested in getting a sponsored job in Australia. Will be glad if an opportunity avails itself to me.

  3. Mohammed yussif

    Am interested in this opportunity and I’ll be glad if this opportunity is being granted to me as an a professional hairstylist barber.

    I look forward to hear from you in the near future.

  4. Currently working as Student support services coordinator in department of Higher education and training. I also have high level of sales and marketing and very good in human behaviour. I am available.

    1. Caesar Fomekah

      With 13 years teaching experience, I am interested in relocating and working in Australia as a teacher.

  5. Oshikoya Sherifdeen Olawale

    I’m Sherifdeeen by name a Nigerian, am an Aluminum fabricator, I’ll be glad if I was given an opportunity to work in Australia, with my skills.

  6. I’m interested. FYI : I’m a Registered Construction Engineer and Educator, with an extensive Experience in areas of Construction Supervision and Education.

  7. Am Zimbabwean residing and working in South Africa and am interested in getting sponsorship job as a qualified motor mechanic.

    1. I’m King Elijah Live in Liberia West Africa I’m really interested in this opportunity but I don’t know what to do next… I may not have getting a degree but I’m a skill man, very honest, kind and hard working….

  8. Oyegoke Abayomi Israel

    Thanks for this opportunity , I will like to work in Australia, I’m a degree holder in Animal Nutrition and Biotechnology. Very much interested in this opportunity

  9. Masiye Nyirenda

    I am passionate about working in Australia,am qualified mechanical fitter with relevant work experience in mining industry.
    So this Visa sponsorship jobs are a good opportunity for me.
    I will appreciate if am given an opportunity to work in Australia


    I am passionate about working in Australia.
    I am certified, maritime professional and practitioner.

    I have relevant work experience and skills matchable in ports, container terminal, warehouse, logistics, shipping, fleet/trucking services, marine services

    I am interested in Visa sponsorship job.

    I will appreciate if, I am given opportunity to work in Australia.

  11. Mirrahim Miragayev

    I am from Azerbaijan Baku.
    I have 10 years of experience in the restaurant system, I know Japanese European cuisine and a bar. Worked for managers as a waiter and bartender in many places. I know English and Russian languages. If there are vacancies, I would love to work in Australia. Thanks

  12. Omokuwajo Ibironke bamgboye

    I would love to migrate and relocate to Australia
    My dream is to work tirelessly and achieve my dreams
    Would be glad if I can be granted one
    Thanks in anticipation 🙏

    1. I am passionate about working in Australia,am qualified in bakery operations and production fitter with relevant work experience in Retail industry.
      this Visa sponsorship jobs are a good opportunity for me.
      I will appreciate if am given an opportunity to work in Australia

  13. Oluseye paul Ayodele

    Am interested in this opportunity and I’ll be glad if this opportunity is being granted to me as an mechanical engineering

  14. Good day Sir.
    Thank you for this opportunity, I am interested in working as a medical officer in any Australian Hospital.
    I anticipate your kind response.
    Thank you.

  15. Dear sir, thank you for this opportunity.Iam Bismark from Ghana West Africa,it is out most desire to live and work in Australia but I haven’t gotten the opportunity.I bless you for this opportunity. Iam very much interested please. Thank you.

  16. Hello all.
    I have a question.
    Plesea,,l before deluding myself,,in this project,,,in this opportunity,,,I am 55 years old and a sailor born in Mozambique with Portuguese nationality,,do I have any chance of dreaming of working, living in Australia??? . I would appreciate the feedback. Lengths João Ferreira

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