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Mid Sweden University Scholarship 2023 – How To Apply

Are you an international student who years for a Sponsored Education? Start in Sweden with your academic experience.   We’ll go over this scholarship’s features, advantages, and step-by-step application procedure in depth in this post. Hence, read to the end.





The Mid Sweden University Scholarship 2023–2024 covers overseas students’ tuition costs. According to the program of study, this scholarship is available for master’s studies and includes a tuition price waiver of either 25,060 SEK or 70,006 SEK.



Brief Summary of the Mid-Sweden University Scholarship

  • Level of Study: Masters
  • Host Institution(s): Mid-Sweden University
  • Study in: Sweden
  • Program Duration: The Scholarship Program spans One or Two years depending on the course of choice.


Application Deadline:

January 17, 2023 (University Admission Deadline) / February 10, 2023 –  February 28, 2023 (Scholarship Application Deadline)

Benefits and Funding.

The Mid Sweden University Scholarship comes with its perks and here are a number of them:


  • The scholarship does not cover living expenses or any other costs; these must be met by additional funding.
  • The Tuition fee discounts of 70 000 SEK, 140 000 SEK, or 25,0 000 SEK depending on the specified charges are covered by the scholarship.

Available Courses.

Candidates are to select from the following courses in the scholarship program:

  • International Master’s Programme in Ecotechnology and Sustainable Development
  • Master’s Programme in Embedded Sensor Systems.
  • International Master’s Programme in Computer Engineering.
  • Master by Research in Informatics.
  • Master by Research in Biology.
  • Master by Research in Media and Communication Science.
  • Master by Research in Computer Engineering.
  • Master by Research in Electronics.
  • Master by Research in Engineering Physics.
  • Master in Tourism 60 credits.
  • Master in Tourism 120 credits.
  • Master Programme in Business Administration, Marketing and Management

Criteria for Scholarships at Mid Sweden University

Before proceeding with the application, review the following criteria to avoid wasted time and resources:

  • English is a necessary language. Hence, you should have proof of proficiency in it as a written and spoken language.
  • All nations in the world, excluding the United Kingdom and the EU, are eligible.
  • To apply, you must have gone through college and received a Bachelor’s honor.
  • You should possess certificates and diplomas from your nation or country of study attesting to your earned degrees.
  • You must have attended higher education institutes that are well-known worldwide.
  • Your degree is listed in the transcripts of your finished courses and your semester grades.
  • You must also present authentic transcripts for any courses from prior studies that have been credited to you or transferred over.

How Do I Apply for the Mid Sweden University Scholarship?

If this is a question that pops up in your head every time, rest assured because we are here for you.
Follow the following tips to apply:
  • Register and create a profile through the registration website.
  • Select Mid Sweden University and your preferred curriculum.
  • Submit a payment of 900SEK as a nonrefundable application cost.
  • Upload the necessary papers to complete your application (depending on the criteria of the particular program).
  • You must provide evidence that you satisfy the entrance requirements.

Furthermore, a copy of the page with your photo from your passport or another form of identification is a requirement to process your application.


  • An application form must be filled out online to apply for a scholarship.
  • It will also need to explain why you choose the program you did and to consider how important it is to your personal growth.

Necessary information

You must always submit your documents in the official language of the country where you studied. If this language is not Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, English, French or German, you must also provide an official translation. This translation should be in one of those 6 languages.

By email, candidates will get a notice of the outcome of the selection process no later than April 7, 2022.

In addition, make sure this information is accurate since the email address provided on the application form will be used for all contact. Scholarship recipients have seven days to respond to the scholarship offer.



Selection criteria

  • Candidates with better  academic accomplishments and a willingness to Study
  • Your responses individually to the subsequent essay questions on the scholarship application form are used to assess your intent to study.

You’d need to respond to:

  1. Why did you decide to apply for this specific program at Mid Sweden University?
  2. What implications do the program’s goals have for your future?
  3. How will you put your new knowledge and abilities to use?
  • Also, candidates for the tuition price scholarship must be eager to learn and well-equipped to enroll at Mid Sweden University.

For more information about the Mid Sweden University Scholarship 2023, visit the official website 

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