John Thompson 2024 Scholarship at DCU Business School: Apply Now!

John Thompson 2024 Scholarship at DCU Business School: Apply Now!

John Thompson 2024 Scholarship at DCU Business School

About the John Thompson 2024 Scholarship

The Business School at Dublin City University is pleased to announce the John Thompson 2024 Scholarship application period, in collaboration with the late John Thompson’s family and friends. The complete cost of tuition for one student enrolled in the MSc in Digital Marketing program is covered by this distinguished grant.

The John Thompson Scholarship was founded in 2008 as a memorial to John Thompson, a prominent personality in Irish journalism who had an impact spanning almost three decades. John played a pivotal role in the establishment and prosperity of prominent journals like The Irish Farmers Journal, The Sunday World, and U Magazine. He held executive positions at Associated Newspapers Ireland as Chief Executive and Independent Star Limited as Managing Director.

John’s idea demonstrated how marketing and journalism work well together, especially when it comes to how both disciplines may increase customer involvement and business success. His goal of bridging online journalism with digital marketing is shown in this scholarship. Students with backgrounds in business, journalism, and other fields are encouraged to investigate digital marketing and gain an understanding of how media and journalism interact with one another.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this 2024 scholarship, applicants must have successfully applied to the full-time Master of Science (MSc) program in Digital Marketing at DCU Business School. This means completing the application process, including submitting all required documents and meeting any specified admission criteria for the program. Only those who have formally applied and been accepted into the MSc in Digital Marketing program will be considered for this scholarship opportunity.

How to Apply for the John Thompson 2024 Scholarship

Interested candidates must submit a comprehensive set of documents to be considered for the scholarship. These include:

  1. Curriculum Vitae (CV): Applicants are required to provide a detailed CV highlighting their educational background, including academic qualifications, relevant work experience, internships, and any other professional achievements. This document offers the selection committee insights into the candidate’s academic and professional journey.
  2. Statement of Motivation (maximum 250 words): Candidates must submit a succinct essay outlining their motivation for applying for the scholarship. This statement should articulate the applicant’s career aspirations, their interest in the scholarship program, and how they believe their academic and professional background aligns with the objectives of the scholarship. It is an opportunity for candidates to showcase their enthusiasm, commitment, and suitability for the scholarship.
  3. Academic Transcript/Proof of Final Degree Award: Applicants are required to provide official documentation verifying their academic accomplishments. This may include transcripts of academic records, certificates, or proof of the final degree awarded. These documents serve as evidence of the candidate’s academic performance and validate their eligibility for the scholarship.

Applications for DCU Business School scholarships should be sent to Professor Edgar Morgenroth, Group Head for Marketing, at [email protected]. Please take note that the scholarship application deadline is July 30, 2024. For more details about the scholarship and application guidelines, click the link below.

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