Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship 2024 (Fully Funded)

Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship 2024

Introduction to the Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship 2024

Applications are now being accepted for Round 2 of the Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship 2024. This scholarship, a collaboration between the World Bank and Japan, offers fully funded master’s degree scholarships to students from developing countries. 

Eligible candidates can apply to participating universities and programs in the United States, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and Japan. The JJWBGSP is available to applicants from over 160 developing countries who hold a bachelor’s degree obtained at least three years prior to the application deadline. Both male and female applicants are welcome, with a strong encouragement for female candidates to apply. The Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship program has garnered widespread attention globally.  

The program provides a unique opportunity for students from developing countries to pursue high-quality graduate studies in Japan. It also provides opportunities for professional and personal development. The program has been successful in helping to bridge global inequality and promote international cooperation.

Benefits of the Joint Japan-World Bank Scholarship 2024

Full funding is available for international students through the Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program. All costs are going to be paid for. The full benefits include:

  • Economy class Air Travel between your home country and the host university.
  • Two-way Airfare, with an additional travel allowance of US $500 per trip for scholars.
  • Full Tuition for your graduate program
  • Cost of Medical Insurance.
  • Monthly stipend to cover all the expenses, such as accommodation, food, and books.
  • The amount also varies depending on the country where you will get scholarships, such as the U.S., Europe, Africa, Oceania, and Japan.

Eligibility Criteria

The Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program is a great opportunity for students from developing countries who wish to pursue postgraduate studies. To be eligible for this program, applicants must meet certain criteria.

Firstly, applicants must be nationals of a developing country, as defined by the World Bank. You can check the official website of the World Bank for a comprehensive list of developing countries. Developing countries are the ones that are in the process of improving their economic and social status. The World Bank has a comprehensive list of these countries on its official website. Therefore, before applying, it is recommended to check the list to ensure that you meet this crucial eligibility criterion.

Secondly, applicants must have completed a bachelor’s degree program in order to apply for a Joint Japan Master Scholarship. The applicants must have outstanding academic records, strong leadership potential, and a commitment to returning to their home country and contributing to the development of their society.

Finally, applicants must hold nationality from a country listed by the World Bank. It is important to note that meeting these eligibility requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the scholarship program, as selection is highly competitive and based on a variety of factors.

How to Apply

To apply for the Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program, all interested applicants are required to submit one complete application form along with all the necessary documents. Please note that an incomplete application will not be processed. It is essential to ensure that all the required fields are filled in and documents are attached before submitting the application. You may find the link to the scholarship program’s application form on their official website.

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