Internet Society Early Career Fellowship 2024: Empowering Internet Advocates (Fully-funded)


Introduction to the Internet Society Early Career Fellowship

Applications are now open for the Internet Society Early Career Fellowship 2024: Empowering Internet Advocates. The Internet, a beacon of endless possibilities and opportunities, has revolutionized the way we live, work, and connect. It serves as a platform for collaboration, idea-sharing, and innovation, underpinned by an ethos of openness and collective well-being.

However, the very principles that have fueled the Internet’s growth are now facing challenges worldwide. To counteract these challenges, our Early Career Fellowship emerges as a catalyst, empowering a new and diverse generation of Internet champions. These fellows will act as bridges between technology and policy, advocating for an open, globally connected, secure, and trustworthy Internet.

The Early Career Fellowship is an exclusive program that selects 15 fellows each year to interact with distinguished individuals, top intellectuals, and well-known organizations, all of whom are experts in the field of the Internet. The program is headed by luminaries such as Professor Dr. Laura DeNardis from American University and scholars from the Oxford Internet Institute, and it provides a comprehensive approach that includes project management, advocacy, and diplomacy skills.

For a period of five months, fellows participate in seminars, events, courses, discussion sessions, and project work. They have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and also to network, receive mentoring, and collaborate with others. At the end of the program, there is a closing symposium where the fellows present their final projects, showcasing their growth and contributions.

Eligibility Criteria for the Early Career Fellowship

The fellowship is open to early-career professionals working in the Internet ecosystem, spanning technical, policy, economic, or social capacities. Eligible candidates should possess an undergraduate or vocational degree or at least three years of work experience in an Internet-related field. With less than ten years of working experience in the Internet sector, applicants should demonstrate an innovative and impactful project proposal for growing and strengthening the Internet.

For a smooth experience, applicants need to have access to a reliable broadband Internet connection and an appropriate device. Additionally, proficiency in both written and verbal English is necessary. Dedication is crucial, as fellows are expected to dedicate a minimum of six hours every week to coursework, seminars, individual project work, and other program activities.

Application Process and Important Dates

To begin the life-changing experience of our program, interested candidates are required to fill out the online application form. Our selection process, which is carried out in a confidential manner, places considerable emphasis on achieving diversity in terms of geography, gender, and profession in the overall cohort.

We aim to create a dynamic and inclusive learning environment that fosters personal and professional growth for all participants. As such, we believe that a diverse cohort will provide a variety of perspectives, experiences, and insights that will enrich the learning experience for everyone involved.

For those ready to take the plunge, the key dates for the 2024 cohort are as follows:

  • 17 January 2024: Application submissions open
  • 7 February 2024: Application submissions close
  • End of March 2024: Fellows selection
  • Beginning of April 2024: Cohort kick-off

This is an incredible opportunity for you to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the Internet. By applying, you can make your voice heard and contribute to the development of one of the most important aspects of our modern world. It’s a chance to be a part of something meaningful and impactful, and we don’t want you to miss out. So, click on the link below to begin your application and take the first step towards making a difference.

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