Google Research Scholars Program for Talented Early-Career Professor | Up to $60,000 USD in 2023

Google hopes that this program will facilitate new faculty partnerships and promote the development of enduring ties. Awards are distributed to the institution as unrestricted donations, not to cover overhead or other indirect expenses. They are meant to be used to aid the professor’s research endeavours during the academic year in which the award is given.

Qualifications for the Google Research Scholars Program


  • Open to professors (right hand, partner, and so forth) in a university or research foundation that awards degrees.
  • Candidates likely accepted their PhD after around seven years of housing (for example candidates in probably gotten PhD in 2013 or later).
  • Candidates who have been in education for a very long period or less and have had delays due to things like working in the company, taking time off, etc. will be exempt.
  • Candidates may apply a maximum of three times, submitting one application for each round.

They ask that applicants group their proposal into one of the following subtopics in line with Computer Science and related fields:

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