fgn alat register - The FGN-ALAT Digital Skillnovation Program Cohort 2 is tailored for young Nigerians.

The FGN-ALAT Digital Skillnovation Program Cohort 2 is tailored for young Nigerians.

Introduction to the FGN-ALAT Digital Skillnovation Program Cohort


Applications have officially launched for the highly anticipated FGN-ALAT Digital Skillnovation Program, signaling an exciting opportunity for Nigerian youth to embark on a transformative journey. In an era defined by rapid technological advancement and dynamic market landscapes, the potential harbored within the youth demographic stands as a formidable asset, poised to shape the future. At the core of this initiative lies a commitment to harnessing and nurturing this potential, marking a significant milestone in the collaborative efforts of Wema Bank and the Federal Government of Nigeria, facilitated through the esteemed Office of the Vice President.

The FGN-ALAT Digital Skillnovation Program emerges as a beacon of hope and opportunity, designed to empower young minds with a multifaceted toolkit equipped to thrive in today’s ever-changing digital landscape. More than just a conventional skill development program, this initiative embodies a holistic approach, addressing the diverse needs and aspirations of participants while aligning with the realities of the contemporary job market.

Central to the program’s ethos is the recognition of individuality and diversity among participants, acknowledging that each aspiring professional possesses unique talents, passions, and ambitions. As such, the curriculum of the Skillnovation Program is meticulously crafted to cater to this diversity, offering a rich tapestry of opportunities spanning various disciplines and industries. Whether one’s interests lie in digital marketing, software development, data analytics, or entrepreneurship, there exists a tailored pathway within the program to foster growth and excellence.

Moreover, the collaboration between Wema Bank and the Federal Government underscores a shared commitment to socioeconomic development and youth empowerment. By leveraging the resources, expertise, and networks of both entities, the program strives to not only equip participants with technical skills but also cultivate a mindset of innovation, resilience, and adaptability essential for success in today’s competitive landscape.

Beyond the acquisition of technical proficiencies, the FGN-ALAT Digital Skillnovation Program serves as a launchpad for personal and professional growth, offering mentorship, networking opportunities, and exposure to real-world challenges. Participants will have the chance to engage with industry experts, seasoned entrepreneurs, and fellow innovators, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of collaboration and knowledge exchange.

In essence, the FGN-ALAT Digital Skillnovation Program heralds a new era of possibility and empowerment for Nigerian youth, ushering in a generation of skilled, empowered, and resilient individuals ready to seize the opportunities of the digital age. As applications open, aspiring change-makers are invited to embark on this transformative journey, where innovation meets skill, and potential knows no bounds.

Program Details

Virtual Training:

Kickstart your journey with our virtual training sessions tailored to provide you with essential tech skills, soft skills, and business management expertise relevant to your chosen track or category.

Hands-on Physical Training: Immerse yourself in practical learning experiences at our cutting-edge digital hubs located nationwide.


Gain exclusive access to personalized mentorship sessions with esteemed professionals and business leaders from Nigeria and beyond upon completion of both virtual and physical training.


Forge meaningful connections with fellow participants and industry luminaries, fostering valuable relationships for your professional growth.

Internship Placements:

As a jobseeker, explore internship opportunities to gain hands-on experience and refine your skills in real-world work environments.

Access to Market:

Showcase your products and services to your target audience through our e-commerce platform and secure exhibition slots at major international and local trade fairs and exhibitions.

Access to Finance: Entrepreneurs can seize various funding opportunities to fuel the growth and scalability of their ventures.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the FGN-ALAT Digital Skillnovation Program Cohort 2


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