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APPLY NOW: National Consultant – Trade Facilitation Lead in Turkmenistan



skills and qualifications


Trade Facilitation Lead

Description of Duties/Responsibilities

Inclusion and Diversity

Expected duration 


Experienced and highly qualified professional with postgraduate credentials in customs, economics, management, law, or related disciplines. Equipped with over 8 years of practical expertise in trade and development, showcasing a comprehensive understanding of trade facilitation and customs matters. Possesses strong organizational and analytical skills, excelling in both independent and collaborative team environments. Adept at effective communication and presentation, demonstrating autonomy with minimal oversight. Proven interpersonal and networking capabilities underscore a track record of success in this dynamic field needed 

skills and qualifications

Postgraduate qualifications (MA/MSc/MBA, PHD, or similar) in customs, economics, management, law, or related disciplines.

Substantial applicable experience may be considered in place of a formal university degree.

A minimum of 8 years of practical experience in trade and development.

Comprehensive comprehension of trade facilitation and customs matters.

Effective communication and presentation abilities.

Demonstrated capacity to work autonomously with minimal oversight.

Strong organizational and analytical skills.

Capability to work independently and collaboratively within a team.

Exceptional interpersonal and networking capabilities.

Job Opening ID: 227068

Job Network : Management and Administration

Job Family : MPA

Category and Level : Consultants, CON

Duty Station : GENEVA

Department/Office : International Trade Centre

Date Posted : Jan 30, 2024

Deadline : Feb 16, 2024

Location:Home-Based in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, with possibility of travel

COMMUNICATION: Excellent written and oral communication in English, Russian and Turkmen.


Achievement 1: Accomplished all pre-inception mission tasks, submitted activity report to ITC by March 31, 2024.

Achievement 2: Successfully concluded inception mission activities, submitted activity report to ITC by April 30, 2024.

Achievement 3: Completed all post-inception mission activities, submitted inception mission report to ITC by May 31, 2024.To

Duties and Responsibilities:

The International Trade Centre (ITC), as the joint technical cooperation agency of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the United Nations, holds a unique mandate to enhance the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in developing, transition, and least developed countries. ITC facilitates improved business environments, manages border operations, and implements the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement.


Starting March 2023, ITC will execute a four-year EU-funded project, “Enhancing Trade Resilience and Integration” in Turkmenistan. The project aims to contribute to Turkmenistan’s economic development, promote decent work, and enhance EU-Turkmenistan trade relations. The focus is on improving the business climate to boost trade competitiveness, aiding Turkmenistan in WTO accession, initiating trade facilitation reforms, enhancing investment attractiveness, fostering a conducive e-commerce environment, and integrating SMEs into global value chains with a focus on women-led SMEs.

Project Structure:

The project revolves around five outputs, including enhanced policy-maker capacities, SME integration in sustainable value chains, strengthened institutional capacity for trade facilitation reforms, improved gender-responsive trade facilitation practices, and an enhanced ecosystem for investment facilitation and e-commerce. An inception phase of 6-8 months is planned to tailor the project approach to Turkmenistan’s needs.

Trade Facilitation Lead:

To ensure successful implementation of Outputs 3 and 4, a Trade Facilitation Lead is being recruited to provide technical and organizational support during the inception phase.

Description of Duties/Responsibilities:

Under the direct supervision of the Trade Facilitation Adviser and the overall guidance of the Chief, Trade Facilitation and Policy for Business Section, the Consultant will perform tasks including pre-inception mission activities, inception mission activities, and post-inception mission activities. These tasks involve analyzing Turkmenistan’s implementation of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement, conducting assessments, mapping trade dialogue platforms, engaging with national partners, and addressing gender-specific considerations.

Copyright Clause:

The Consultant must obtain necessary permissions for intellectual property rights and submit documentary proof to ITC. Any license fees for third-party materials must be cleared with ITC, and accreditation for events is required if necessary.

Inclusion and Diversity:

ITC promotes workforce diversity, inclusion, gender equality, and parity, considering all qualified individuals without discrimination or prejudice, including those with disabilities.

Expected duration 

3 months, 4 March 2024 – 3 June 2024

The intellectual propertydoes not require any fees during any stage of the recruitment process, including application, interview meetings, processing, or training. The organization does not request information about applicants’ bank accounts.


Introduction to the British Academy and Royal Society International Fellowships 2024


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