20221022 080528 - United Nations Online Volunteer Programme(Paid, plus Other Benefits)

United Nations Online Volunteer Programme(Paid, plus Other Benefits)

You can Volunteer to perform some activities online as United Nations Volunteer with benefits. Activities are online which means you can be performing the assigned online tasks together with other Volunteers from your home. You can do this while still keeping your current employment

If Have ever you considered dedicating your skills and expertise virtually to advance global peace, development and humanitarian efforts as United Nations Volunteer. The UN Online Volunteering service of the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme is for everyone from any part of the world to participate

Volunteer would connect with UN entities, governments, public institutions and civil society organizations as an an Online Volunteer and help tackle today’s sustainable development challenges from anywhere in the world.

Through the Online Volunteering, Volunteer can contribute his or her skills and expertise towards achieving sustainable human development efforts of organizations around the world.

Volunteer can get first-hand practical experience with organizations working in the development sector.

Volunteer can also extend his or her network among different organizations and make invaluable connections

Application for the online UN Volunteer Program is done online at the UN Unified Volunteering Platform (UVP), Application link below

There are both online and On-site volunteer UN Volunteer Program

When you visit the application link use the filters to distinguish online from onsite assignments and check the description of assignment for details before applying for the program.

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Requirements for the UN Online Volunteer Program

To sign up on the Unified Volunteering Platform and apply for Online Volunteer assignments, you must be at least 18 years of age at the time of application.

There is no particular background required to become an Online Volunteer.

Each Online Volunteer assignment is different and has its own requirements, set by the host organization.

As an Online Volunteer, you can only support organizations remotely in assignments up to 20 hours per week for a maximum of 12 weeks for each assignment.

Anyone interested in contributing their time and skills to the global sustainable human development efforts can become an Online Volunteer, regardless of your background or location.

Important Service Rules for the UN Online Volunteer Program

The UN online Volunteers are not under contract with the UNV programme or the engaging organization and are not affiliated with either of them.

For each Online Volunteering assignment, a maximum of 25 Online Volunteers can be engaged for up to 20 hours per week and for a maximum of 12 weeks.


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  1. Dear UN ,
    I’m really excited that such an opportunity has arisen. As a nonjudgementalal,inclusive member of society I would like to contribute and reduce inequalities in disadvantaged families by volunteering . Looking forwards to hear from you!

  2. Chigozie Okolie

    About your advertisement here on Linked In, I am confident that my skills and training position me to become one of your online volunteers.

  3. I am interested UN online Volunteer Programme, I’m capable of doing I’ve experience in this and I’m also into projects writing.

  4. I am interested UN online Volunteer Programme, I’m capable of doing I’ve experience in this and I’m also into projects writing and assignments.
    May I get more details please

  5. I am interested in this opportunity. I am currently working with a CBO and working closely with the South Sudanese Refugees in Bidibidi settlement in Yumbe, Uganda

  6. Happiness Akugbe

    This is a great opportunity for me to contribute and gain skills. I am very interested in this, how do I apply?

  7. Am so grateful to join your team and become volunteer to become Online Volunteer Programme , hope am not late for this opportunity.

  8. I m a Nigerian with a Hospitality and Tourism Management, human resource management and computer appreciation I am interested in this online volunteering opportunity

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  9. Oladapo Oluwaseun Joshua

    I am Oladapo Oluwaseun a Nigerian, I have been a follower of the UN volunteer, I have undergone some virtual training needed to foster and enhance my employment with them. I am willing to go anywhere globally on peace Keeping mission

  10. I m a Tananian with a bachelor of education in ECE and a Masters of education in administration, planning and policy studies. I am interested in this online volunteering opportunity

    1. Stella Oparanozie

      I would love to contribute my quota in the UN volunteer jobs. I’m Stella Oparanozie ( LLB, BL, ACIPM).
      Thanks in anticipation

  11. I am interested in the UN remote volunteer job. This will be a dream come true for as my service to humanity is about coming to reality.

  12. Mary Omozele Ohiowele

    Hello good afternoon, I’m interested in the online volunteer paid job I look forward to hearing from you.

  13. Dear Sir/madam
    I am very much interested in the UN online volunteer program. I have always been a lover of humanity, I see this as an opportunity to reach out to humanity in the most positive way. I will be grateful if am considered for this job, thanking you in anticipation.

  14. Achu Mathew Kenechukwu

    Good evening sir/ma
    I’m very much interested in working remotely. I’ll really like and love to join or be part of UN online volunteer paid job..Thanks

  15. AKINWUMI Emmanuel Akinyele

    Great opportunity to make impact on the world… I am really Interested and I will be more than happy if you can can consider me..

    1. Good man/sir
      I am interested in working as a volunteer in UN online volunteer job as this will help me harness my passion which is reaching out to humanity in the most possible way I can. I will be grateful if am considered fit for the job, thanking you in anticipation

    1. Enemchukwu Esther

      Good day sir/ma
      Please I am interested in the united nations online volunteer program. Please can I get more details about it?

  16. Good day Sir/ Ma
    I’m very much interested in working remotely. I’ll love to join the UN online volunteer paid job

    1. Agbonkhese Gabriel Kingsley

      Good morning Sir/ma, Agbonkhese Gabriel Kingsley,am interested in UN volunteer online work and pay job. Thanks

  17. Motikrishna Shah

    Good evening sir , I am very much insteresred in United Nation Online Volunteer Programme…May I get more details on it!

    1. Ismail Isa Aliyu

      Gud morning sir i am glad to see my self in participating in united nations online volunteer opportunities,

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