IMG 20221121 WA0111 - United Nation Internships 2023 -2024 ( Free Certificate) | Fully Funded - Apply Now

United Nation Internships 2023 -2024 ( Free Certificate) | Fully Funded – Apply Now

The United Nations Internships for 2023 is now open to applicants all over the world with the whole aim of breeding talented citizens.

About the United Nations Internships.

To find answers to major issues like poverty, climate change, hunger, and violence on a worldwide scale, the United Nations collaborates with governments, civil society organizations, and other parties on a global scale.
Interns can participate in internships through the United Nations Associates Program (UNAP) at the UN headquarters in New York City, giving them access to many of these initiatives and initiatives firsthand. The curriculum also offers chances for students from all over the world who want to work for the UN system or pursue jobs inside it, either now or in the future as their careers develop.

Who are the United Nations?

The United Nations is a global organization that transformed into Mount after World War II to promote cooperation and peace. Its main goal is to advance world peace and security, but it has broadened the scope of its authority to include safeguarding human rights, offering humanitarian help, encouraging sustainable development, advancing gender equality, and safeguarding press freedom, among other things.

Summary Details of the Internship:

  • Eligible Country: Participants from all over the world are eligible to apply.
  • Host Institution(s): United Nations
  • Internship Duration: The program spans 2 to 6 months depending on the course.

Application Deadline

The timeline for application varies every year depending on the program of concern. Learn more about the program deadlines.

Moreover, the UN will not accept applications after the deadline.

Internship Focus Areas

These internships are for those who are interested in international relations, diplomacy, journalism, law enforcement, and more.

Benefits of the United Nations Internships

The United Nations Internship comes with perks which are benefited the interns.

  • After completion of the program, the United Nations internships association will give certificates that are officially accepted worldwide.
  • As an intern, you are also liable to comprehensive knowledge and mentorship from professionals in your field.
  • This program also facilitates personal and professional growth.
  • You also get the chance to network and connect with people of high profile in your field leading to career growth.
  • Furthermore, the UN promised interesting opportunities to work with the UN office.

Eligibility Criteria for the United Nations Internships.

  • All nations across the world are eligible.
  • Candidates with a sense of accomplishment and expertise in their job are preferred.
  • Applicants are to possess a core criterion of fluency in English and a spoken and written language.
  • Candidates who pay attention to others, correctly read others’ messages, and appropriately reply are eligible.
  •  To be eligible, you need to show a willingness to share information and keep the public informed.

How To Apply:

Are you interested and confused about how to apply for the internship?
Worry no more because we are here for you.
Click Here to without wasting any further time.


18 thoughts on “United Nation Internships 2023 -2024 ( Free Certificate) | Fully Funded – Apply Now”

  1. Halimah temitope bakare

    My name is halimah temitope
    It’s a great opportunity to learn and unlearn with people to work together for a better nation

  2. I am Mpundu Mwenya from Zambia with a Diploma in Human Resource Management and would be happy to be offered an opportunity to work with you.

  3. Adeyemi Damilola

    I am Adeyemi Damilola Victoria. I’m interested in this great opportunity. I am willing to learn and also share my knowledge with others

  4. I am Adeyemi Damilola Victoria. The opportunity looks so interesting and I will love to be considered. I am willing to learn and also share my knowledge on the long run

  5. I am ifeyinwa ibeh,majored in insurance from one of the universities in Nigeria, I am happy at this given opportunity to acquire knowledge in the humanitarian field by the United nations. Thank you

  6. My name is Oke Ayodele, Biochemistry graduate of University of Ibadan, I am very ready to learn and apply my knowledge to make world a better place.

  7. This is a wonderful initiative for which I am interested in.
    You should consider a third world country national as myself who is fully aware of the violence and shortcomings of the society in the southern region of Africa.

  8. Godwin Favour L.

    My name is Favour Godwin, studied Business Education from University of Benin. I’m interested and ready to acquire new skills and make impact wherever I find myself.

  9. I am Esther Ayodele.

    I studied mass communication at the. university of Benue state, Nigeria.

    I am interested in learning, volunteering, helping and making impact.

  10. I am habibat Yahya
    I studied biochemistry at the University of Ilorin Kwara state Nigeria
    I am ready to help, learn and grow and make impact in the world

  11. My name is philomina Kalu, I studied mass communication at Federal polytechnic oko Anambra state.

    I am ready to learn.

  12. Emuye Ruth Ighawo

    I’m Emuye Ruth Ighawo, I studied Economics Education at Delta State University. I’m ready to learn and unlearn

    1. My Ezekiel Ubani, studies crime prevention management in one of the institute in Nigeria and am ready to learn more about humanitarian courses

    2. Ngozi Egonu (PhD)

      Is the program only for young people ?.I am interested.I am 65yrs.I studied Igbo language and linguistics PhD UniZik,Awka,Nigeria.Willing to serve in language area. I am ready to learn and help humanity. CT

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