TU Delft Summer School Scholarship 2024 for Students and Teachers in Developing Countries: Apply Now!


Introduction to the TU Delft Summer School Scholarship

Applications are now open for the TU Delft Summer School Scholarship 2024 for African Students and teachers. If you’re interested in learning about sustainable water planning and design, you might want to consider attending the Summer School Planning and Design with Water for Sustainability.  

The course will provide a comprehensive overview of the water-related challenges faced by communities, and will provide participants with an opportunity to develop their own sustainable water solutions. The course will also cover topics such as water conservation, water management, and water resource management.

This annual event takes place every July at the Department of Urbanism, which is part of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at the esteemed Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). The Faculty of Architecture is located in the charming, historic city of Delft, which can be found in The Netherlands. This educational program has been running successfully for eight years and counting.

Eligibility Criteria

To participate, you need to be enrolled in a higher education course. However, we also accept students who have graduated recently. Please explain your situation in your letter of motivation. The school is intended for students who have had at least 3 years of higher education in a discipline related to the built environment or urban development.

A planning, architectural or design background is indicated, but not necessary. The Summer School welcomes architects, urban planners, engineers, designers, geographers, historians, sociologists, engineers, environmental engineers, and students of other areas concerned with the built environment. However, you must be willing to understand URBANISM.

We are looking for ENGAGED, enthusiastic, entrepreneurial, open-minded progressive students from all over the world who can help bring back ideas to their communities.

Selection Criteria

There are only a limited number of places (100). Students are chosen according to their background, a motivation letter, and a very short movie in which candidates introduce themselves. We cannot evaluate your portfolio or extensive CV. Therefore, it is really important that you explain why you want to participate in this summer school and how it can help your personal, academic, and professional development in the motivation letter.

You can tell us what makes you special by letting us know your passions, interests, hobbies, and extracurricular activities. Why are you different? Are you an activist? What are your aspirations? Do you make your opinions known by writing and publishing or by any other means of expression? Maybe you have a blog? You need to make your point in 800 words and in a 3-minute film. Here are instructions on how to write a good letter. Here are instructions on how to make a good introduction movie.

Proficiency in English

The language of the summer school is English; hence, you need to be able to communicate well in that language. You need to mention what your level of proficiency in English is in the motivation letter. This is important because the vocabulary used at the summer school is rather sophisticated. Hence, you will not enjoy it if you don’t speak English well.

Benefits of the Summer Scholarship

The scholarships offered for the summer school program cover a range of expenses, including the cost of travel, accommodation arrangements, and daily expenses such as meals and transportation during the duration of the program. These scholarships are designed to help you make the most of your time at the summer school without worrying about the financial burden of attending the program.

How to Apply

The Summer School offers three types of scholarships:

Select the type of scholarship you want and proceed to submit your application. Note that the deadline for all applications is February 1st, 2024. Ready to apply? Click the link below.

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