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Top 10 Countries To Get a Residency Visa Overseas With Ease.

Do you want to know the Easiest Countries to Get a Residency Visa? A lot of countries offer the easiest way to get residency in their country, including Canada, Panama, Spain, Australia,  Thailand, New Zealand, and Paraguay, etc. Also.  You know moving to a new country is exciting for us, the immigration process of the destination country and meeting the requirements of the particular country can be cumbersome. 


Migration Policy is not easy but a lot of people may settle now in abroad easily. These countries are easily providing a lot of benefits to foreigners and their citizens as well. Hence, here are some countries that provide the easiest way to get permanent residency. 

List of  Easiest countries to get a Residency Visa

1# Spain

Spain’s Golden Visa program makes it a Favorite Destination For Traveling. In Europe, one of the easiest nations is Spain for Americans and Canadians to move here. In addition, Spain is a particularly well-settled country due to its great weather and affordable living costs as compared to other parts of Europe. Also, the public and private healthcare and educational system are good here. If you find another job outside the program,  then you can get a work visa.

2# Panama

Panama offers benefits for international retirees and investors. The country provides a lot of residency-through-investment alternatives. 

 Business Investor Visa: Minimum cost US$160,000
 The Panama Reforestation Visa: Minimum cost of US$100,000 
 Both visas give you a two-year temporary residence permit.
 Quick permanent residence cost: US$350,000.

3# Canada

Canada is famous for the nickname of the Great White North. The country is one of the safest, most peaceful, well-settled,  happiest, and economically stable countries in the world.

There are three sub-categories for immigration to Canada through the Express Entry program.

  • Federal Skilled Workers Program(FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program(FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class(CEC)

The popular channels of immigration through the Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) are:

  • Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP)
  • Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program(SINP)
  • Nova Scotia PNP
  • New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program
  • Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program(AINP)
  • British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP)

4# Thailand

Thailand is the best country to migrate to if you are to be a highly qualified professional or if you have money for a permanent residency permit. If you apply for a SMART visa, you can relocate to Thailand. To qualify for this visa, you must be a skilled worker in a certain industry, an executive, an investor, or a new business starter.

  • Thailand Visa: Smart Visa
  • You can stay in  Thailand depending on the intelligent visa you choose. 
  • You may reside in Thailand for one to four years, depending on the type of SMART visa you choose for residency. 

5# Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia is also one of the easiest countries to get a residency visa. It is a country that provides the easiest way of residency. Bali has the most relaxed and affordable lifestyle. The best thing about Bali is, it provides the simplest visas for you. Certainly, Indonesia provides a social visa. Additionally, the residency permit is extendable to a six-month maximum.  

6# New Zealand

Generally, young people between 18 to 30 are Nin ew ZZealand’sgoal and get a resident visa. Moreover, on the working holiday visa for New Zealand, young Westerners can easily travel for 12 months. However, if your 12-month time moves to the end, then you have the option to apply for a new visa. The cost of living has, nevertheless, significantly increased in New Zealand. It’s very easy to get a visa in New Zealand.  

7# Australia

Particularly, many people want to get Australian citizenship because of its rapid growth and luxury lifestyle.  The government has different programs, including giving a Temporary Graduate Visa, a Global Talent Visa, an Employer Nomination Scheme, and a Temporary Skill Shortage Visa for you. Regardless, they prefer under 50-year-old people with the best qualifications and best standards. 



8# Montenegro

Recently, the most accessible country to get residency (in comparison to other European countries) is Montenegro. Also, the country’s reputation as a new French Riviera, made Montenegro the best place for immigrants to stay. Moreover, in the categories of job, education, or family reunification,  a lot of foreigners qualify for a one-year residence visa. But if you want a work visa, that is also the simplest way to relocate there. According to the new investment scheme,  you need to spend 350,000 dollars.

9# Paraguay

Similarly, one of the greatest places to immigrate in Paraguay is retirement plans for investment visas. Hence, these choices make you able to apply for citizenship and residency in Paraguay. Secondly, you must deposit $5,500 in the bank, or immigrants must have the plot used for investment. In essence, your citizenship status is updated after three years after obtaining entry to the nation.

10# Mexico

You know, Mexico is the easiest and the Cheapest Country to provide a Residency Visa. Mexico is one of three countries on the globe having no Covid-19 restrictions. Markedly, that makes it easy for those who want to stay here.  



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