Dalberg Fellowship

The Dalberg Fellowship 2023 Cohort(Visa Sponsorship)

The Dalberg Fellowship 2023 Cohort(Visa Sponsorship)

The Dalberg Fellowship 2023 Cohort is now open and Visa sponsorship, if required, is available to all candidates wishing to apply to our London office. Interested participate who wish to be part of this year’s cohort can now proceed to apply. Dalberg is a global group working to build a more sustainable planet and inclusive societies where all people can thrive. As a diverse, purpose-driven community of professionals, it works in collaboration with local communities and global networks to create bold and equitable solutions and develop the next generation of impact leaders. Dalberg brings together strategy and management consulting, equity-centered community design, data, research, implementation, and communications to achieve its mission of solving the most pressing challenges of our time through systemic change. Dalberg is for all from everywhere, at home anywhere – an African and American company as much as an Asian, Latin American, Middle Eastern, and European one.

Dalberg Fellowship
Dalberg Fellowship

Dalberg is a place where a diverse mix of talented individuals are able to practice transparency and openness while maintaining independence of thought – whether it’s how you identify, where you come from, the languages you speak, the person you love, or the way you worship. Dalberg is a home where people feel safe, understood, nurtured, and encouraged to grow.

As a team of 750 plus people from 55 countries, speaking over 90 languages collectively, with 40%+ female leadership team, Dalberg places diversity, equity and inclusion principles at the heart of our organization and the work we do alongside our clients, partners and communities.


Dalberg was established in 2001 by experienced private sector consultants, Dalberg operates from 29 worldwide locations. For more information, please visit Dalberg.


Dalberg Advisors is a strategic advisory firm combining the best of private sector strategy skills and rigorous analytical capabilities with deep knowledge and networks across emerging and frontier markets. Dalberg work collaboratively across the public, private and philanthropic sectors to fuel inclusive growth and help clients achieve their goals.

Interesting Participants Qualities

You aspire to become a leader in global development and social impact by tackling global issues, from malnutrition to climate change to economic opportunities, ensuring no population is left behind. You enjoy collaborating with teams working across cultures. You excel in quantitative and qualitative analysis, and you want to put your skills to work – transforming organizations, advising investors, and shaping new initiatives. You are a committed self-starter with an excellent academic record, a passion for impact and development and an entrepreneurial spirit.


Dalberg consultants live and work around the world, creating a network of local experience anchored by our offices in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, MENA and the Americas. Dalberg combines on the ground perspective and lived experience from top-tier professional services firms and leading academic institutions to create actionable solutions to the world’s most pressing issues.


Typical qualifications for an Analyst

Bachelor’s degree (expected to be earned in 2024, or earned in 2023 followed by a second degree or fellowship)

Excellent academic record

Strong analytical abilities, both quantitative and qualitative

Ability to present information in an insightful and structured manner, both written and oral

Demonstrated ability to support teams to accomplish aspiring goals

Understanding of the political and cultural environments of international organizations or development and social impact issues (through internships, volunteerism, coursework, or other experience)

Fluency in English; proficiency with other languages is an advantage (candidates applying to the Paris office must be fluent in French and English)

In addition, if you have skills or abilities in the following areas, please be sure to let us know in your application:

Mastery in Excel or PowerPoint

Experience with financial analysis

In-depth knowledge of topics related to Dalberg’s work

Demonstrated ability to innovate new programs, ideas, or initiatives.

Note: Employment in Dalberg Switzerland and France is conditional on the candidate having or independently obtaining the requisite authorization to live and work in those countries. Visa sponsorship, if required, is available to all candidates wishing to apply to our London office.


Analysts are our front lines of research, analysis, and presentation – building the team’s knowledge base around the topic at hand. As those who dive deepest into the issues, Analysts think critically and creatively to develop insights based on their findings from the research process.

They gain a broad knowledge base that cuts across sectors and geographies while serving as the core of every project’s work. For example, recent Analysts have created a macro-economic plan for the Government of Ethiopia to accelerate industrial growth, designed a major foundation’s strategy to control sleeping sickness in Democratic Republic of the Congo and neighboring countries, and launched a new impact investment fund for agriculture in Nigeria. In addition, Analysts helped the City of Cartagena, Colombia develop an employment strategy to adapt to rapid changes in its economy and infrastructure and supported a leading US non-profit in applying a racial justice and equity lens to its programming. Through these and other projects, Analysts have previously traveled to a diverse range of countries including Ecuador, Ethiopia, Morocco, Philippines, Tanzania, and China.

Dalberg is a platform for change. Our staff are empowered to start new programs, institute best practices, and develop traditions that will define the Dalberg experience for years to come. Innovation and entrepreneurship are not only valued at Dalberg; they are essential to our firm’s success. In addition to providing training, management-level advising, and mentoring, we empower consultants to learn by doing, engaging them as full members of project teams from day one.


Analysts benefit from a wide range of career development opportunities. Top performers will have opportunities to work in other Dalberg offices and, after 2 years with the firm, will have the option to spend time on a service project in emerging markets or studying a new language. Following 2-3 years at Dalberg, some Analysts pursue graduate degrees, attending some of the top programs in the world, Dalberg provides active support and mentorship throughout the graduate school application process for those choosing to pursue this path. Other top performing Analysts choose to stay at Dalberg continuing to grow into development leaders and taking on greater levels of responsibility as their careers progress.


About Dalberg working relationship

Our clients come to us with some of the most difficult global problems, seeking solutions where the obvious ones have failed. We are entrepreneurs and innovators, designers and creative problem solvers, thinkers, and doers who supply new ideas, drawing from a deep base of knowledge that cuts across sectors and geographies and is growing every day. We partner with and serve communities, governments, and companies throughout the world. Some of our recent clients include foundations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, corporations such as Pepsi and Vodafone, multilateral institutions such as the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank, UN agencies such as UNICEF and the UNEP, and government agencies such as the Ethiopian Ministry of Innovation and Technology, USAID, and India’s NITI Aayog.


Application process for the Dalberg Fellowship 2023 Cohort

Your application should include a resume noting current SAT/ACT and GPA, or British Class system and/or ECTS Grading as applicable, a cover letter, and current university transcript(s) (unofficial transcripts are acceptable) and a written response (limited to 500 words) that answers ONE of the following questions.


The intention of this writing exercise is for us to get a sense of your writing style, as well as what most excites you. Please note that this written response should not require any additional research or preparation and should not take you more than one hour to complete.

What is an innovation for ending poverty that you think is currently under-utilized?

Working at Dalberg, you will get to advise leaders of large NGOs, international companies and government agencies on what they should do to more effectively end poverty. What messages would you like to bring to these leaders and why

Describe a specific instance where you had to overcome a challenge to achieve your personal or professional goals. What have you learned from this, etc.

Note; Joining dates for the Analyst position are expected to begin from September 2024 to July 2025.

Visa sponsorship, if required, is available to all candidates wishing to apply to our London office. Employment in our Geneva and Paris offices is contingent on the candidate having the requisite authorizations to live and work in Switzerland and France respectively. In every case, please ensure to specify the country where you have work authorization on your CV.

Candidates shortlisted for interviews will be invited for 3 to 4 rounds to test problem-solving and conceptual thinking skills through consulting case questions, and to discuss interests and experience.

To adhere to International and European candidates’ timelines, we’ve split interviews into 2 groups.

Candidates choosing to interview in the second group are not at any disadvantage from receiving an offer. Splitting interviews into 2 groups is only to allow maximum candidate flexibility and interviewing preference.


The first group of interviews will take place in mid-October.

The cut-off date for application submission for candidates interested in interviewing in the first group is 11:59 p.m. EST on Friday, 22 September.

The second group of interviews will take place in mid-November.

The cut-off date for application submission for candidates interested in interviewing in the second group is 11:59 p.m. EST on Tuesday, 31 October.

This is an opportunity relevant only for candidates who have not already interviewed with Dalberg’s Advisory positions in the past year.

Deadline; Please submit your application at our Career Centre by 11:59PM EST on 31st October 2023

Visit the Dalberg Fellowship 2023 Cohort application portal here

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