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MPIL Paid Internship 2024 in Germany: Apply Now!

MPIL Paid Internship 2024 in Germany

Introduction to the MPIL Paid Internship 2024 

The applications for the MPIL Internship 2024 are currently open, and interested candidates are encouraged to apply. The Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law (MPIL) is a renowned institute that provides paid internship opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students from around the world. 

The internship program is scheduled to run from November 2024 to April 2025, offering valuable experience for students who want to gain practical knowledge in the fields of international law, comparative public law, and European law. The MPIL Internship 2024 provides a monthly stipend of 450 euros per month to cover the living expenses of the interns during their stay. 

The duration of the internship varies from 4 to 12 weeks, with preference given to students who opt for a longer period (8–12 weeks) to ensure an in-depth learning experience. This internship program’s key areas of focus are comparative public law, European law, and international law, allowing interns to explore and develop their skills in these areas. 

Overall, the MPIL Internship 2024 is an excellent opportunity for students who are interested in the field of law and want to get hands-on experience in a world-renowned institute. With its highly competitive selection process and comprehensive learning experience, this internship has the potential to provide a strong foundation for a successful career in law.

Benefits of the MPIL Paid Internship 2024

The internship offers a reimbursement of up to Euro 450 per month, which will help cover your expenses during the duration of the internship. Additionally, you will get a chance to research and explore the nuances of EU Law and International Law, which will help you gain valuable insights and knowledge in the field.

During the internship, you will also have the opportunity to work closely with a MPIL research fellow, who will mentor you and provide guidance throughout the internship. This will be a great opportunity to get hands-on experience and learn from an experienced professional in the field.

Furthermore, you will also be able to participate in various workshops and conferences, which will help you network with professionals in the field and broaden your knowledge. These events will provide a platform for you to interact with other interns, researchers, and professionals, giving you a holistic view of the field.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the MPIL Internship:

  • You must be an undergrad or a graduate student in a university.
  • Be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate or graduate university level during the internship in international relations, European affairs, philosophy, and social and political sciences.
  • be fluent in English.
  • Understand how to use a computer.

Required Documents

  • A CV and a cover letter explaining your motivation.
  • A copy of High school diploma.
  • A copy of your academic transcripts

How to Apply

To apply for this opportunity, all interested applicants are required to submit their application through the online application system. Please note that paper applications will not be accepted. To access the official application website, please use the link provided below. The deadline for submitting your application is set for June 1st, 2024. We encourage all candidates to carefully review the application instructions and to submit their application well before the deadline to ensure that it is received on time. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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