Applications are now being accepted for the esteemed 2025 J.P. Morgan Jumpstart Internship Program, an exclusive opportunity offered by the J.P. Morgan South African franchise.

Targeting unemployed graduates, this program promises an immersive experience within J.P. Morgan’s Corporate & Investment Bank (CIB), providing invaluable exposure to a globally renowned organization.

Selected candidates will have the chance to integrate into various facets of the business, including Banking, Markets, Operations, Finance, or Technology. Moreover, they will benefit from personalized mentorship by seasoned professionals and leaders, both locally and internationally, fostering professional growth and development.

Situated in Johannesburg, the program is slated to commence in January 2025 and extend until December 2025, with potential for extension until December 2026.

To qualify for consideration, applicants must successfully complete a rigorous selection process, including participation in the 3-week Winter Internship Program, scheduled during the 2024 winter university vacation period (1 July 2024 – 19 July).

The 2025 Jumpstart Internship Program represents a gateway to unparalleled opportunities for aspiring professionals seeking to embark on a dynamic career trajectory within the finance sector.

With J.P. Morgan’s esteemed reputation as a cornerstone, participants can expect to gain invaluable insights, skills, and experiences that will not only shape their professional journey but also equip them with a competitive edge in the global marketplace.

In addition to the enriching professional exposure, interns will have the chance to immerse themselves in the vibrant culture and ethos of J.P. Morgan, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie within the organization.

This unique blend of experiential learning and cultural integration sets the stage for a transformative journey, where participants are empowered to unleash their full potential and thrive in a challenging yet rewarding environment.

Furthermore, the program underscores J.P. Morgan’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering diversity within the finance industry, serving as a catalyst for driving innovation, inclusivity, and excellence.

By investing in the next generation of leaders, J.P. Morgan continues to uphold its legacy of excellence while propelling forward the trajectory of aspiring professionals across South Africa and beyond.

Job responsibilities

The individual engages in various tasks and undergoes training tailored to the specific placement area. They actively contribute to projects from inception to fruition, offering assistance across tasks aligned with their designated placement area.

This involvement spans the entire project lifecycle, from initial stages to final completion, ensuring comprehensive participation and support throughout. Additionally, they play an active role in project execution, leveraging their skills and knowledge to facilitate progress and achieve objectives effectively.

Their engagement extends beyond mere observation, as they actively contribute insights, efforts, and resources to ensure project success.

Moreover, they remain dedicated to enhancing their proficiency and understanding within the placement area, continuously seeking opportunities for growth and development. This comprehensive approach to task performance and training enables them to make meaningful contributions to projects and excel in their designated role within the organization.

Required qualifications, capabilities, and skills

Eligibility to work in South Africa
Please submit your application for the internship with your final year Bachelor’s degree transcript demonstrating strong academic performance across all disciplines, fluency in English, self-starting attitude, adeptness at working under pressure, effective communication and listening abilities.

Keen attention to detail, logical and organized approach, proficient analytical and management skills, and a commitment to meeting deadlines. Include your CV, full academic transcripts, and identity document.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the J.P. Morgan Jumpstart Internship Program.

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