Full Guide On ALX Software Engineering Application (2022/2023)

ALX Software Engineering Ongoing Application

ALX Software Engineering Application Process.

Apply Now!  for the ALX 2022/2023 Full stack Software Engineering Program.

When Will The ALX Software Engineering Program Application Start? 

Application for the next cohort has commenced and will end on the 2nd of November, 2022. 


When Will Onboarding Of The ALX Software Engineering Candidates Commence? 

The onboarding date for the ALX Software Engineering Program will begin on the 14th of November 2022. 

Updates will be dispensed through email. 


How Long Will The ALX Software Engineering Program Span For?

To get certified through the ALX Program as a Full Stack Software Engineer, 12 months of devotion are required. 

The process ranges from Introduction and background to ALX Experience to the learning challenge and lastly, the ALX finalist day.


Eligibility And Requirements.

Below is a list of requirements to consider before applying.


  • This opportunity is available to African Indigenous only.

 ALX Programs are eligible for candidates who have nationality in any African country and the Software Engineering Program is no exception. 


These are a list of popular African countries that can take part in the program – Nigeria, Morocco, Egypt, South Africa, Tunisia, Uganda, Kenya, Ruanda, Singapore, and many more.


  • Must be of age between 18-34

This age range covers fresh high school graduates, College Undergraduates, and Graduates who have little or no prior experience and knowledge in Software engineering.


  • Access to a computer system with an updated Microsoft Windows.

One of the requirements to scale through the ALX SE program is access to a laptop or desktop with a recent Microsoft Windows to aid the functionality of the program. 


  • 70 hours per week of conscious availability and learning.

For the 12 months virtual learning period, you would be required to commit 70 hours of your time every week.

This promotes mastery and commitment which challenges you to do hard things and be good at them.


  • Uninterrupted internet connection.

The availability of a stable internet connection is a factor that can not be underrated.

The program is 100% virtual hence, a stable internet connection and access is a core necessity for a better learning process.


  • Good written and spoken English skills.

The ALX learning platform uses the English language which you are obliged to have proficiency in. 

This helps your understanding and communication ability.  


Benefits of ALX Software Engineering Program. 


The ALX program is quite notable for its advantages and authorization in the course of the program and after completion. 


  1. ALX offers a free certification that is internationally recognized and credible enough to get you started as a Full Stack Software Engineer 
  2. The ALX Software Engineering program provides the experience that can land you a job immediately after completion of the program with accountable proof in your GitHub account.
  3. They create a comfortable learning environment and team spirit that aids your learning process through peer learning.

This gives you the privilege of building valuable connections through a large number of candidates in African countries.

4. They monitor your progress and keep tabs on your day-to-day learning experience which in turn gives you enough motivation to keep going.


Get certified in 12 months after completion in : 


  • C Programming
  • Graphic Programming
  • Unix Programming
  • Data Structure & Algorithms
  • Reverse Engineering & Security
  • Python
  • Front-end dev
  • Linux/command line
  • Infrastructure Design & Management

Is ALX A Company?

African Learning X ( ALX) Is a non-governmental organized program birthed by African Leadership University in Mauritius in East Africa.


ALX program offers training and mentorship in highly valued tech skills in the 21st Century.

This is possible through the sponsorship of ALU and its partners which has made the programs completely free.

To begin your application Visit the official Application Portal


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