20221118 184150 - Germany Skilled Workers Jobs with Visa Sponsorship and How to Apply

Germany Skilled Workers Jobs with Visa Sponsorship and How to Apply

Germany has announced plans to streamline its immigration process to draw in highly qualified international employees.

The job market in Germany is quite tight. Over 2,000 immigrants are required in Germany over the next three years. According to the official assessment, there is a labor deficit in the German economy.   Therefore, all foreign applicants from everywhere in the globe are eligible to apply for work in Germany through visa sponsorship.

Germany Jobs 2023

Germany is now targeting international applicants to come and work in Germany. In the news, Germany’s government announced that “people from all over the world are welcome.” Jobs are available in all fields and most likely are electrical engineers, IT professionals, carers, nurses, catering, and hospitality professionals.

Eligibility Requirement for German Jobs in 2023/2024

  • Education level: Preschool, primary, lower secondary, upper secondary, postsecondary, tertiary, short-term higher education, bachelor’s or equivalent level, mastery comparable level are eligible
  • Any candidate from anywhere in the globe is eligible to apply, regardless of their subject of study, educational level, or preferred work schedule.

Documents required to Apply for Germany Jobs

However, to apply for a position, you must mail or email the following papers alongside your application.


  • Curriculum vitae in EUROPASS format is preferred.
  • Documentation confirming your qualifications: Cover Letter
  • Documents that attest to your abilities
  • A certificate of language competency, which may be in German or English.


How to use the EURES job search engine to find a job sponsoring German visas:

  • First access this website.
  • Germany is your destination choice.
  • Then enter “sponsorship visa” into the search box. All German jobs that sponsor visas will be listed, and you may apply from there.
  • After that, you may choose other alternatives by using the filter on the sidebar.

List of Jobs in Germany 2023/2024

  • Airbus jobs in Germany

Airbus is a global firm in Europe that develops, produces, and markets airplanes all over the world. Students may apply for internships and careers at Airbus. Every post is compensated. Total monthly income of €1,000 including allowance, housing, and other perks.

For more information, visit the Airbus official website

  •  Amazon Jobs in Germany

Around the world, Amazon has hundreds of offices. We are confident you will discover a chance for an interesting career at Amazon since there are hundreds of positions available at Amazon offices and fulfillment sites all around Germany. Also, you may apply at Amazon regardless of your academic background or subject of study.

Interested in this opportunity? proceed to apply.

  • Berlin Germany

A City Operations Manager is needed by DANCE in Germany. In addition, they offer assistance with relocation as well as visa sponsorship. Likewise, we encourage applicants of all backgrounds, ages, countries of origin, racial or ethnic origins, gender identities, sexual orientations, statuses of handicaps, socioeconomic standing, religions, and ideologies to apply. We also provide information on employment and salaries in Germany.


  • Enticing compensation and perks
  • A big expense for setting up your home office
  • Your membership in the moped or e-bike dance
  • If you move to Berlin, they help with relocation and sponsorship for visas.



With millions of offerings from tens of thousands of dependable partners, including Booking.com, Vrbo, and TripAdvisor, HomeToGo Germany Jobs has the widest collection of vacation rentals in the world.

  • Competitive pay,
  • A flexible telecommuting policy, sponsorship of visas, and assistance with relocation are all part of an alluring benefits package.
  • A contemporary, central office, extra vacation days, complete IT assistance, workshops, internships, business events, and a card for the travel sector are additional perks.
    Click here to proceed with the application process
  • Mercedes Benz Jobs in Germany

 One of the well-known multinational brands in Germany is Mercedes-Benz. Always on the lookout for a desirable and stimulating job? Mercedes-Benz provides a variety of possibilities for professionals, graduates, and students, including internships, graduate programs, and student programs.

Interested in this opportunity? Click here to apply

In 1971, the $12 million in assets that made up the company’s first capitalization were acquired. Although Allianz SE, a sizable worldwide financial services corporation with headquarters in Munich, Germany, purchased PIMCO in 2000, the company is still run independently as an Allianz subsidiary.
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  1. Sweetness Magubane

    Good evening

    With all due respect

    My name is Sweetness Magubane from South Africa
    Looking for skilled or unskilled job.
    I have 12years experience in Quality Controller. In 2 different companies. (FOOD INDUSTRY) and
    (PLASTIC INDUSTRY) and acting Cleaner supervisor
    I have Welding papers.
    I can supervise group of people and Controlling the Quality at the same time. Thank you for your time.

  2. Emmanuel junior benedict

    My name is Emmanuel benedict i am bartender/mixologist I mix cocktails and mocktail i am looking forward to work outside my country.i will like to work if there is any opens in a hotel,lounge,or club and restaurant in Germany.

  3. Levi Antonio Tembe

    Dear Hiring Managers
    I hereby express my full interest in any technical position related to electrical, electronics and mechanical fields. I have bachelor degree in Electronics and telecom Engineering with a large experience on aircraft Maintenance ( powerplant, and Avionics). I ready for any Challenge. I am a young man with with different skills and an open mind to learn new systems. If any dought, please contact me for more information.

  4. olufisayo eruola

    I am interested in the skilled work .

    I am an Attorney by professional and currently holding the position of a Company Secretary /Legal Adviser.

  5. Moses Sitiri wanami

    I am based in kenya with MBA and BA Social sciences-14 years’ experience in program Administration. Looking for jobs

  6. I am so impressed and at the same time…am so interested in this jobs and am looking forward to hearing back from you with any assistance

    1. Dear Sir,, I humble request for your assistance to secure an employment in Germany. I am a Nigerian based in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria. I have a strong qualification background in Driving business and earth moving equipments. I have successfully served under ExxonMobil, Nigeria and I was laid off, documents are available for backup. In addition, I have effective communication in English language both written and verbal. I am well-rounded professional always willing to move out of comfort zone to learn new techniques. I would be grateful for your kind generosity. Thank you in anticipation.
      Yours faithfully,
      Iniobong Udoh.


      I have been working abroad for 20 years. I had an administrative assistant and sales management job experience. I dream about working and living in Europe since I was high school. I am residing now in Philippines and looking for a great company to work with.

  7. My name is Ezekiel I’m furniture by professional and so many experience in construction I have more than 15years experience looking for job in Germany to continue my career

  8. My name is Yusuf I am automotive spray painter with more than 7 years experience but looking for opportunities in Germany to continue my job career

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