Fully Funded Harvard Academy Scholars Program

Fully Funded Harvard Academy Scholars Program 2025, USA (Up To $80,000)

Fully funded harvard academy scholars program

About the Fully Funded Harvard Academy Scholars Program 2025

The Fully Funded Harvard Academy Scholars Program 2025 is currently accepting applications from international students who wish to pursue advanced academic research in the United States. This prestigious program, hosted by Harvard University, presents a unique opportunity for scholars to engage in interdisciplinary research with a global focus. Participants will have the chance to delve into diverse academic fields, including political science and sociology, and collaborate with esteemed faculty members. Financial support is provided to ensure that scholars can dedicate themselves fully to their research and contribute meaningfully to the advancement of knowledge. 

The program fosters an intellectually stimulating environment that welcomes scholars from a wide range of disciplines to conduct research on pressing global issues. Through interdisciplinary collaboration and engagement with distinguished scholars, participants will gain valuable perspectives and expand their intellectual horizons. 

The comprehensive financial support offered by the program allows scholars to fully immerse themselves in their research pursuits and make substantial contributions to their respective fields.

Eligibility Criteria

The requirements listed below must be fulfilled by interested applicants: 

  • International students are welcome to apply to the Harvard Academy Scholars Program.
  • A PhD or comparable doctoral program (including SJD and DPhil) in the social sciences may be pursued by anyone who has just finished or is almost finished with one.
  • The academic careers of the candidates must show promise.
  • People who are familiar with foreign languages, foreign histories, and foreign cultures are preferred.
  • Only academics with a background in law and social sciences may apply.
  • Must be completed within two years of August 1, 2025, the program’s launch date.
  • Doctorate candidates who are almost finished with their dissertations need to turn in degree conferral paperwork from their university registrar by June 30, 2025, in order for August 1, 2025, to begin.
  • A face-to-face interview is required of finalists in December 2024; hotel and travel expenses will be covered by Harvard Academy.

Benefits of the Fully Funded Harvard Academy Scholars Program

Successful applicants will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Postdoctoral Academy Scholars will be compensated with an annual stipend of up to $80,000.
  • Two-year residence at Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies.
  • An already-paid stipend will supplement financial assistance for research and travel expenses.
  • Research assistance.
  • Medical Insurance

How to Apply

The application process for the fully funded Harvard Academy Scholars Program 2025 to study in the USA is below: 

  • Visit the official Harvard Academy Scholars Program website linked below to access the application portal.
  • Review all eligibility requirements and program details before proceeding.
  • Prepare your application materials, including:
  • Online application form
  • CV or resume
  • Academic transcripts
  • Statement of research interests
  • Writing sample
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Craft a compelling statement of research interests that highlights your academic goals and research experience.
  • Select a writing sample that showcases your research skills and critical thinking.
  • Request letters of recommendation from professors or professionals familiar with your work.
  • Double-check your application for accuracy and completeness before submitting it through the online portal.
  • Monitor your email for updates or additional requests from the admissions committee.

The Fully Funded Harvard Academy Scholars Program 2025 application deadline is September 20, 2024, for study in the United States.

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