Fully Paid Internship at Mitacs.($10k-$15k per Intern)

Applicants are invited Nationally. Students are very much encouraged to apply for Fully Paid Internship at Mitacs, each intern get paid up o $15k

Available resources is $10,000 to $15,000 per Interns to allow them undertake the four month internship project with any of the partner organizations.

See details below and application procedures for Fully Paid Internship at Mitacs

About the program
In partnership with Canadian academic institutions, Mitacs is pleased to offer the Business Strategy Internship (BSI).

The award provides either $10,000 or $15,000 per intern to allow them to undertake a four-month internship project with a partner organization in Canada.

Interns will work with their academic supervisor to co-design a project with their partner organization to work on the organization’s innovation activities, helping them improve their products, processes, or services.

Throughout the internship, Mitacs provides online professional development courses to interns through our e-Campus, EDGE.

Note that, any interns who are approved will not be able to access the EDGE learning system until August-September as the curriculum is currently being updated. You will receive a notification from the system when the curriculum is ready.

The BSI program aims to:

Support innovation to generate knowledge and its transfer between academic and non-academic sectors

Strengthen the innovation capabilities of partner organizations

Support the creation and ownership of intellectual property in Canada

Promote collaboration between sectors by reducing the risk for companies to engage in innovation

Provide work-integrated learning and professional skills training to increase employability of post-secondary students

Ensure and promote equitable access by underrepresented groups to foster inclusive innovation

Innovation projects are expected to lead to change and improvements for the partner and/or community, through exploration, design, and implementation of improvements/efficiencies in business models, products, processes, or service delivery.


The BSI program will provide an award of $10,000 per intern with the full amount of the award going towards intern stipend. The partner organization will contribute $5,000 towards the award.

Alternatively, partner organizations can select a $15,000 funding model where up to $5,000 of the funds can be used for eligible project costs or to top up an intern stipend.

Any combination of funding is allowed as long as the minimum intern stipend is $10,000 and the minimum partner organization contribution is $7,500.

Projects should be designed as four-month internships; however, they can be adjusted to six-month internships to provide flexibility to accommodate the intern’s other responsibilities.

Projects will be designed to address one or more business innovation components (i.e., marketing, operations, finance, intellectual property (IP), etc.) dependent on the needs of the organization.

Projects submitted to Mitacs will be adjudicated to ensure that the participants meet the necessary requirements and that the work outlined is eligible for the program.

Each project will require supervision from a supervisor at the partner organization and an academic supervisor or a point of contact appointed by the institution to oversee the work and the intern.

Interns are expected to meet weekly with both supervisors to report on the progress of their project. Virtual meetings are acceptable.

Interns and both supervisors will be required to complete an exit survey at the end of the program reporting on project outcomes, skills developed and providing feedback on the program experience.

Interns will deliver a final presentation to their supervisors summarizing the work at project completion.

Application submission

Prospective interns and/or academic supervisors apply to the program through the Mitacs Registration and Application Portal (RAP) and complete all sections of the application.

All participants (intern, academic supervisor, partner organization) sign off on the application through the RAP.

The lead applicant downloads the completed project proposal and ORS sign-off template and sends to the ORS or equivalent office for review and signature.

The lead applicant uploads the ORS signature page to the RAP and submits the application.

Application review (approximately four weeks)

Mitacs receives the application and reviews against selection criteria while checking for eligibility and completeness.

Partner organizations are invoiced for their contribution upon application submission.

Applicants may be asked to revise their project proposal if sections are incomplete.

Project approval (approximately three weeks)

Project start dates cannot pre-date the Approval letter you receive from Mitacs.

Once the project is approved and all partner contributions have been received, award funds are released to the intern’s academic institution to be paid out to the intern.

Project launch to completion

Project work should not start until the intern has received the funds from the academic institution.

Projects should be four-months long or can be extended to six-months part-time for increased flexibility.

Reporting and exit survey

All participants (intern, academic supervisor, partner organization) are required to complete an exit survey within 30 days of the project end date.

Academic institutions are required to submit a Financial Report to Mitacs once all project funds have been paid out.

Release of funds

Mitacs invoices a partner organization upon submission of their BSI proposal. Upon receipt of the partner’s contribution, Mitacs forwards the award to the Canadian academic institution.

No funds will be released to the academic institution until the invoice has been paid and the proposal is approved. Mitacs has no control over when funds are administered by the academic institution.

If you have questions about your BSI award after Mitacs has released funds, contact your academic institution’s Office of Research Services (or equivalent).

How to apply

Please note: the Business Strategic Internship (BSI) is now open nationally. Please contact a Business Development representative if you are unsure of your specific situation or if you have any questions.

For academic institutions interested in participating in the Business Strategy Internship (BSI) program:

Academic institutions can connect with their local Business Development representative to discuss joining the BSI program.

For partner organizations (companies, not-for-profits, municipalities, or hospitals) interested in participating in the BSI program:

Partner organizations can connect with their local Business Development representative to discuss applying for BSI program funding.

Interested parties can apply directly through the Mitacs Registration and Application Portal (RAP):

The proposal template will be provided through the RAP.

You can also download the template here for review prior to submission.

BSI interns cannot have a Conflict of Interest (COI); projects with intern COIs will not be approved.

Any COI s involving the academic supervisor and the partner organization must be disclosed to Mitacs during the application process and will be reviewed by the Mitacs COI committee. Please visit the Mitacs Conflict of Interest Policy for more information.

If a COI exists, we suggest that you contact the Business Development representative for your region prior to starting an application to ensure that you are eligible for the program.

When applying through the RAP

Please watch the following video for how to apply through the RAP.

The project start date listed in your application should be at least six weeks later than your submission date to allow Mitacs the appropriate time to process your application.

Your project start date will be confirmed in your Outcome Letter once your project has been approved.

If you start a project before receiving funds from Mitacs, you do so at your own risk. Mitacs will not reimburse for work completed prior to receiving funding.

If you have any questions about the Business Strategy Internship (BSI) program, please email the Business Strategy Internship team.

See blow the official application portal

See more on how to apply

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