Enterprise for Youth in Agriculture Program 2023 For Young Nigerians | Work-Learn-Earn

Enterprise for Youth in Agriculture Program 2023 For Young Nigerians | Work-Learn-Earn



Enterprise for Youth in Agriculture is an opportunity to train unemployed youths and women in vegetable production (Olericulture) using technology.

Students will be admitted quarterly into the project, 1000 students per quarter and will be grouped in 50s. In a year there will be 4 admissions, thus:

  1. Annual student intake = 4000
  2. A batch of students admitted quarterly = 1000
  3. A batch consist of 20 groups
  4. A group consist of 50 team members


  • Host Country: Nigeria
  • Eligible Country: Nigeria
  • Reward: Fully Paid | Monthly Salary | Accommodation | Training


The technologies to be deployed include:

  1. Greenhouse farming – this is a climate smart growing method that gives the growers control over biotic and abiotic factors.
  2. Soilless farming (hydroponics) – a growing method that does not depend on soil, it allows the grower to grow year round regardless of season
  3. ML & AI tools – These will be used in monitoring the irrigation of the plants as well as proper nutrient combination for the plants
  4. Integrated Pest management – A combination of physical and biological control will be used throughout the project to ensure proper pest management.


To receive consideration for the program, you must be ready for the following :

Duration and Reward

  1. The students will earn a stipend during the 3 month of training
  2. Accommodation is provided for 3months
  3. Learn how to setup/manage greenhouses and hydroponics
  4. Earn salaries from their company from the 4th month of inception from produce sales

Work & Learn Details

  1. All 50 students in a group have joint ownership of a 3 plots hydroponics farm
  2. Each group will have the technical team (16), Agronomy team (12), Packaging/branding team (8), logistics (6) and Account/Management team (8)


  1. All students will receive training on basic greenhouse setup
  2. All students will receive training on basic soilless farm setup
  3. All students will receive training on basic ML and AI setup
  4. All students will receive training on basic Olericulture production
  5. Students will receive training also based on their units – technical, agronomy e.t.c so they can manage the company on their own

Method of  Application

  1. Application and Selection:

    The application portal has a 3-minute video that explains what the project is about, and an assessment based on what the project is about. This is to ensure the students understand what the project entails and is willing to follow through the process.

  2. Interview preparation:

    On the successful completion of your application form, you will get a link to watch a short introductory video on soilless farming (hydroponics) technology. The video also teaches you how to setup a hydroponics system for your home use.


Application Deadline

Applicants are to completely submit applications before the Deadline: Not Specified 

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